Mobile App + Backend

WINii: A fintech startup from New York

An ambitious mobile app empowering women in tech to create a clear and actionable plan for their financial future.


WINii is an innovative startup in the FinTech space. They trusted us with their mobile app and backend infrastructure, which we built and are actively building and improving with the precious help of our friends at Skydea, a Tokio based design studio.


The challenge was to build a scalable mobile app that would allow users to create a clear and actionable plan for their financial future.

Since the app needs to work with users' financial data, we had, and still have, to make sure that the app is secure and that the data is safe. While allowing for critical operations to be run confidently and accurately in the background.

Startups also need mission critical analytics and tooling that can help them make informed decisions. We had to make sure that the app is instrumented with the right tools to allow for that.


Building a quick, scalable and secure app is not an easy task. We decided to rely on the power of the cloud and the serverless paradigm to build a scalable and secure backend infrastructure.

On the frontend, we decided to use Flutter to build a cross platform mobile app that would work on both iOS and Android.


We're still actively working on the app, but we're already seeing great results. The app is already live on the App Store and Google Play Store in the US and we're looking to improve it further in an effort to help women in tech make better financial decisions.