Mobile App

Luffarelli: Making it easy to browse real estate listings

A polished experience for real estate agents and their clients to browse and share listings.


Luffarelli is a real estate agency dealing with tens of thousands of listings all across Italy, they reached out to us to help them create the mobile app of their dreams and allow their clients to browse and share listings.


The challenging part when it comes to this specific project is making sure the app supports that many listings for many users, while making sure that those listings can increase constantly without the app becoming slow or unresponsive.


We decided to use Expo and React Native to build the app, which allows us to build a cross platform app that can be deployed to both iOS and Android. While relying on MongoDB Atlas and a custom solution that allows for syncing data between the clients' pre existing database and the app's database.


A responsive and optimized app that allows users to very quickly filter and search through a huge amount of listings. The app is already live on the App Store and Google Play Store.