Beautiful apps. Ready to scale on each platform.

We bring you ideas to life by using one of the most popular, robust and productive multi-platform frameworks out there, Flutter by Google.

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Apps and websites for mobile, tablet and desktop

Why Flutter?

Why would you want to invest money and time on building and maintaining one code base for each platform? We use Flutter to write code once and build natively compiled apps for iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux and the Web as well.

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Our Technologies of choice.

Multi-platform Flutter App Development

Build apps for mobile, dekstop and web with a single team and a single code base.

iOS and Android apps

Mac and Windows apps

Web apps

ChromeOS and Linux apps

Backend Cloud Development

Build high performance apps with high performance cloud infrastructure to back them up.

Firebase development

Google Cloud Platform / AWS

Serverless / Cloud functions

Node / Typescript / JavaScript

App Design

Beautiful app designs, custom tailored Human-Centered experience.

User research

User Experience Design

User Interface Design

Animations Design

App analytics and performance

Custom analytics on what really matters to measure, learn and improve your app.

Analytics strategy

Analytics based automation

Reporting and Dashboards

Notifications and Messaging

App store management

Setup and optimize your App Store presence to drive more downloads and conversions.

App store setup

Listings and updates management

App store optimization

User feedback monitoring


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