Moodify: Startup project to increase motivation | Mobile App


We wanted to create something that could really give you a motivation boost no matter when, we worked in a Startup regime, we first built a small prototype and then improved it with countless updates overtime.

showcasing our mobile, tablet, dekstop and web apps

Challenges we've overcome

Many Apps had been implementing a basic, text-based sharing option. We wanted to do way more. We wanted to give a best in class customization and sharing experience. We delivered. We allowed for custom backgrounds, fonts, font sizes, colors, stickers and interactive stickers. Users loved it.

This is for you, tech folks out there!

icon of the technology we used
icon of the technology we used
icon of the technology we used
icon of the technology we used

We built Moodify using Figma for the UI/UX Design across multiple iterations.

Software-wise, we wanted it to work on Android and iOS so choosing Flutter was really a no brainer for us. The backend is based on Firebase, Google Cloud Platform with an heavy customization using Functions and Nodejs.

Of course, whenever you're working on a Startup, analytics is vital for the success of the product, we relied on Google Analytics for it and developed a tight integration within the app to make sure we have anonymous but useful data that we only use to improve Moodify further, day after day.