Mobile App + Content Management System

Mino: Your one stop app for all your roman food needs

An easy and fun way for Themino's followers to stay in the loop with the best places to eat, drink and visit in Rome.


Mino is a startup idea built around Themino, a very well known influencer in Rome, Italy. He reached out to us with a goal: making it easy for his followers to ask for recommendations on where to eat, drink and visit in Rome.


The challenge was to build a scalable mobile app that would be in target with his followers and that would allow them to ask for recommendations and get them in a fun and easy way.

The app is made of two parts: the user facing one allows users to get curated recommendations, while the other allows Themino to easily update the recommendations.

Startups also need mission critical analytics and tooling that can help them make informed decisions. We had to make sure that the app is instrumented with the right tools to allow for that.


Building a quick, and scalable app with a content management system is not an easy task. We decided to rely on the power of the cloud and Supabase to make it happen.

On the frontend, we decided to use Expo and React Native to build a cross platform mobile app that would work on both iOS and Android.


We're still actively working on the app, but we're already seeing great results. The app is already live on the App Store and Google Play Store in Italy and ranked first on the "Lifestyle" and "Top Free Apps" category!