Mobile App + Customer Relationship Management

Gurfa: Reimagining beauty and hair saloons

Taking a boring and outdated industry and making it fun and exciting!


Gurfa reached out to us to help them turn their hair dressing and beauty saloon business into a digital experience. They wanted to make it easier for their customers to book appointments, pay for services and get notified when their turn is up.


The challenge was to create an entire system that is easy to use for both the customers and the saloon owners. We really wanted to improve and ease their job and not being in the way of their business.

It turns out that managing such a saloon isn't easy, having a software that can effectively manage that complexity is a challenge in itself. Let alone having a software that supports multiple saloons with shared employees and resources.


The developed solution is a four tiered system, comprising of:

  • A mobile app for customers to book appointments
  • A CRM web app for saloon owners to manage their business
  • A backend infrastructure that manages the communication between the two.
  • A landing page to showcase the product and attract new customers.

We chose Flutter for the mobile app and CRM Web app, Supabase for all the backend infrastructure and Next.js for the landing page, which delivers fast, goergeus and SEO optimized wbsites.


This all became a very nice integrated system for any kind of business that solves a wide range of issues and inefficiencies.