Web App + API

BPMN Modeler: An elegant solution for modeling business processes

A web app to easily manage and share business processes.


The client reached out to us to streamline and improve the way they handle business processes. They wanted to make it easy to share and collaborate on business processes, while making sure that the process is always up to date.


Business processes are complex, change over time, and involve many people. Creating a platform that can handle all of that is a challenge in itself. We had to make sure that the app is easy to use, while allowing for complex processes to be modeled and shared.


We ended up using NextJS for the web app, which allowed for both, integrating with pre existing capabilities from the client and a fast and responsive experiences.

Since all of the information needed to be stored ina pre existing client database, we also had to create a custom API that would allow for effective communication and collaboration.


This all resulted in a responsive Web App compatible with the BPMN standard modelling system, that makes it easier for companies to build and share effective business processes.