Barber Shop: An app to manage bookings and subscriptions | Mobile App

Barber Shop

The business reached out to us with a revolutionary vision: turning his barber shop into a subscriptions based service. We delivered.

showcasing the Barber Shop design

Challenges we've overcome

Most barbers out there don't use a modern up-to-date digital CRM system to manage their clients, thus they are forced to call in order to book an appointment. The solution we provided, has proved efficient in both acquiring new customers and improving their relationship with the business. Thanks to the freedom provided by our state of the art application, we were able to provide different types of booking offerings ranging from a single appointment to bulk booking.

This is for you, tech folks out there!

icon of the technology we used
icon of the technology we used
icon of the technology we used

We built the Barber Shop app using Figma for the UI/UX Design across multiple iterations.

Software-wise, we wanted it to work on Android and iOS so choosing Flutter was really a no brainer for us. The backend is based on Firebase, Google Cloud Platform with an heavy customization using Functions and Nodejs.

Of course, whenever you're working on a Startup, analytics is vital for the success of the product, we relied on Google Analytics for it and developed a tight integration within the app to make sure we have anonymous but useful data that we only use to improve the product further, day after day.