App and Up, leveraging Agile and Lean methodology

Our Methodology

An agile and solid foundation on which to build large projects.


Agile and lean methodology

We proudly sustain the Agile methodology, we can create, adapt and improve quickly. Our projects are organized in 2 week sprints, each one with a 100% dedicated team. We work closely with the client to achieve the maximum value compared to the established budget. We help him defining and refining their road to the objective quickly and efficiently.


Continuous communication

Communication is key to achieve a successful project. This is why we make our customers an integral part of the development process at every stage. We keep available and accessible all the information about the project, so that we can tackle and fix all the micro-issues that come up during the development.


Honesty and Integrity

There's one single way we know to build trust: being honest, kind and respectful as we achieve functioning and verifiable results. If the customer is not happy with how things are going, by written contract, he is free to stop the development at any time having full access to the material, including a copy of the source code produced up to that moment, with all the infrastructure to make it operational.


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