App and Up, a few key aspects on how we work

Here are a few key aspects on how we work

We have adopted the Agile, Lean and Scrum methodology for our organization, and we want to make sure we are on the same page. It's important for us to explain you some key aspects.



First of all, we ask questions! This is the first step, a one on one meeting with the client in which we want to know all the "whats" and "whys" of the project. Based on the answers we'll work together on a document to share with the rest of the team, to give them a generic context of the work they'll be doing.



The team, which includes designers and developers, based on the interview document, discusses and asks about what's going to be developed. It is a vital moment in which each individual interprets the needs and figures out how to put their professionalism at the service of the project.



Based upon the Brief, we provide the client with improvement suggestions, clarifications, if any, and eventually come up with an accurate and modular quotation for the project, quoting each single feature separately.



At this point we are ready! We can sign the contract. Our contracts are extremely transparent because we believe that in order to work in a great environment we need to be honest, kind and respectful with each other. If you aren't happy with how the development is going, by contract, you're free to stop and have full access to the material produced up to that point.



Development takes place in work cycles called Sprints lasting 1 - 4 weeks. Each sprint is time boxed and not extendable. You have decided the features; the team discusses to create a subset for the next sprint, estimating its complexity. A goal is therefore defined with all the things necessary for it to be achieved.



He / She is the reference figure chosen by the client who, on his behalf, reports the progress of the project to the client and vice versa, communicates any changes to objectives and strategy. The stakeholder does not make technical or strategic decisions. He's our only contact person.



At the end of each sprint you get a demo of the features developed so far that can be considered complete and fully functional. You will be able to use the product and verify that the objective has been reached.


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